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you are real life Miguel and nobody can tell me otherwise

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Fangirl Challenge: [1/7] Tv Shows
Supernatural (2005)

    “Whatever choices you make, whatever details you alter, we will always end up here.

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"A Sticky Situation" (1960) by Carl Barks

I like how advertising is literally still exactly as sexist as they’re joking about in this comic from 54 years ago.

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okay josh

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let’s talk about the winter soldier.

let’s talk about posthumanism and body horror and the kind of thorough desensitisation that’s almost orwellian in its completeness. let’s talk about how the winter soldier has no concept of self or identity, how he clearly doesn’t think of himself as a person. let’s talk about him being desensitised not only to the violence he perpetuates, but also to the violence done to him. 

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Dammit, Ollie, you’d better not be late because you are primping that beard. 

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If you notice me reblogging

  • a repost
  • stolen art
  • false information
  • etc.

please let me know, you’re not rude or annoying and I actually do give a fuck and I will correct my mistake, thank you

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I surprisingly see this a lot, especially in fandoms.  I figured I’d make an official list of rules.  We wouldn’t want any dis-respecting going on. 

This has sufficiently rustled my jimmies.


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This photo was taken over 20 years ago by Todd Robertson during a KKK rally in northeast Georgia. One of the boys approached a black state trooper, who was holding his riot shield on the ground. Seeing his reflection, the boy reached for the shield, and Robertson snapped the photo.

I think the officer’s expression says it all. This child standing before him is being taught how to hate even though he doesn’t understand it. He probably doesn’t understand the difference between this and Halloween.

…and I’m done!

3000% done.

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